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Before my departure

This trip to Santiago comes after a very difficult period for Tim and Yasmine and their children and also for many friends, acquaintances, teachers of the ARK, the grandmothers and opi's. It was a long black tunnel but from the beginning there was a light that just kept getting bigger and warmer. That light came from the countless friends and relatives (brothers and sister as well as aunts and uncles) and the school de ARK who have been committed from the beginning to help the family in various ways and still continue to do so. A cloak of active love and empathy has been and is being placed around the family that makes you silent, leading us to conclude that charity and empathy are not idle words. Magda, Dede and I are extremely grateful for everything you have done and are doing to support this family. I am going to Santiago de Compostela for Rinus and to be able to give to others what you have given to us over the past few months. On the road to Santiago, countless stories and legends are told of saints who worked miracles: Santiago, the apostle, himself, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Santa Maria Magdalena and Agueda, Santo Domino de Silos, etc. Miracles is an outdated word we still use sometimes dare to laugh because miracles cannot happen. And yet… what you have all done for the entire family of Tim and Yasmine is a miracle and that produces other miracles great and small. I go out to hear the stories of the past, but also to tell the others that miracles are still possible.

I am not going out alone because there are so many people who support this initiative and also my dear Magda who does a lot of work behind the scenes. I am also very happy that the Archangel Gabriel has given Rientje permission to fly with grandma. However, there was one condition from Saint Peter: that one or two adult angels with experience would fly along on the camino. And there were, Bert the son of friends of ours unfortunately passed away a few months ago, 42 years young; a scientist who is fully committed to giving a voice to the people who were victims of the genocide in Rwanda. Bert had already cycled to Santiago and he is now coming along to babysit Rientje. Also another angel goes along; master Wim, the cool master, husband of Klara and a good friend of Tim and Yasmine, who died a few months ago at the age of 44 from colon cancer. His last words were “… and now I'm going to Pini”. He promised that he would take care of Rientje in heaven and so he must be there too. All three are wearing rainbow wings because they want to work for peace and love. Now that I've thanked you all, I'm starting my blog.. your comments are also appreciated. I hope first and foremost that I get there.....

Luggage is ready and the whole family comes to wave goodbye

After a long preparation, the time has come. On Friday, May 6, the whole family waves me off and wishes me a safe journey. Everyone is wearing the Rinus-Pini T-shirt that Floky has designed and Magda briefly presents the Rinus-Pini Fund with its objectives

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