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1. Family and psychological assistance in an adapted environment

The medical physical care in Europe is of top level. On the other hand, family and psychological assistance in hospitals and emergency interventions is still in its infancy. The awareness of the need to also develop this type of care is there, but the financial resources are not.

That is why the Rinus-Pini Fund wants to collect resources so that the psychological care of parents and family of children in intensive care and especially of those who do not make it can take place in an adapted environment and that this assistance can be further professionalized and structurally expanded.


2. Protection of the cheetah

The cheetah is one of the most fascinating and iconic animals, the fastest mammal on land. According to an African legend, the cheetah got its 'tear marks', the black stripes that run from the eyes to the mouth, when a mummy cheetah lost her cubs and cried for months on end.


Because their hunting grounds are reduced or because they are poached for their fur, the cheetah is in danger of extinction. Rinus was possessed by cheetahs and saw the importance of this beautiful, proud feline and its survival. At the specific request of his brothers and sister, part of the collected funds will be used to protect the cheetah.

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