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In the summer of 2022, the Opi (grandad) of Rinus (nickname Pini) cycled on the Via Lemovicensis and Via Francés, two of the oldest medieval pilgrimage routes, 2700 km to Santiago de Compostela to raise money for the Rinus Pini fund. The last 200 km. he walked together with 4 grandchildren (Floris, Moses, Leo and Bruno) and one of his daughters-in-law (ole). Many friends and sympathizers have supported this initiative financially, for which we are very grateful.


In the summer of 2023  opi will cycle from Leuven on two other medieval pilgrimage routes through France and the north of Spain.  He leaves in mid-July  on the Via Turonensis passing through Laon, Beauvais, Chartres, Tours, Poitiers, Saintes and Bordeaux to Saint Jean de Pied-de-Port, an important stopover on the Camino de Santiago. From there he cycles over the Somport Pass to Jaca in Spain to cycle part of the Via Aragones through the Val de Boi. He finally reaches Lagrasse back in France over the Pic de Baracena.


After a few days of rest in the area he continues his journey on the Via Podensis at Navarrenx to reach Le Puy-en Vélay via Toulouse, Moissac and Conques. From there he goes to Vézelay to then cycle back to Leuven via the Via Campanienis with Auxerre and Reims  where he hopes to arrive on September 15 at the latest.  This year Floky, the eldest brother of Rinus, is cycling with opi during the outward journey. On the return journey  the eldest cousin of Rinus, Bruno, will cycle with opi back up to Le Puy-en-Velay. 


Friends and sympathizers of the Rinus Pinifonds can financially support these cycling tours through a transfer  on the number of the Rinus Pini Fund at the King Baudouin Foundation. In the section “donations” it is clearly stated how one can deposit money on this account. Donations on this account give rise to a fiscal reduction.  On the website you will also find information about which projects the Rinus Pini Fund has supported and will support. Thank you in advance for your financial support and sympathy. We already want to thank “Lucien bilkes” and some sympathisers that have supported this trip and make it possible to maintain the website.


You can follow opi, Floky and Bruno on the blog on this website (under Actions, opi for Pini 2023, on Instagram opi4rinus2santiago and on Facebook RinusPinifonds.

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