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Rinus' favorite animal, the Cheetah, inspired us to set up a running team.


Members of this running team take on sporting challenges (alone or in groups), which they complete thanks to the support (and free gift to the fund J) of family and friends! In this way, the runners of the team try to contribute to the Rinus-Pini Fund.


You can follow the various activities of the running team on this page and on instagram (Running4Rinus).


The first challenge for the running team will be the (half) Marathon of Eindhoven on October 9, 2022. All support is welcome to get this job done!


If you would like to become a member of the running team and want to run with a nice shirt now and then, make a free gift (see info at the bottom of the page) to the fund and send an email Everyone welcome!


for gifts for  the promotion running 4 Rinus please deposit on KBS. account of the King Baudouin Foundation


IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404 (BIC BPOTBEB1)

Don't forget the structured communication especially for this promotion


OGM: +++623/3742/00043+++

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